FastoCloud for CCTV

Welcome to FastoCloud, the software company that provides video solutions worldwide. Using FastoEye, you can develop your own service or video surveillance system. It allows you to capture video, distribute streams, and record archives from hundreds to thousands of geographically dispersed IP cameras.

What is inside FastoEye?

Control Panel (Interface)

The central dashboard of the FastoEye system. From here, users can manage and configure all the aspects of the system, ensuring smooth operation and overseeing all functionalities.

Players web/app (Interface)

This component enables users to view the camera feeds directly from any web browser or through a dedicated app. It offers a seamless streaming experience, with intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface.

FastoCloud Media Server (Core components)

The heart of the FastoEye streaming capabilities. A robust backend server responsible for the real-time transcoding of video streams. It can handle any codec and protocol, ensuring universal compatibility and smooth playback across different devices and platforms.

External Modules (Core components)

This feature provides flexibility to the FastoEye system. Users can enhance and expand the system's functionalities by connecting various external modules. Whether it's integrating with other software or adding new features, this modular approach ensures the system remains adaptable to changing needs.

Reports (Advantages)

An in-built feature that generates detailed logs and summaries of system activity. This could include data on motion detections, user activity, system health, and more, assisting administrators in maintaining and improving the system.

Analytics (Advantages)

Uses sophisticated algorithms and machine learning to gain insights from video footage. This could include crowd counting, object recognition, or behavior analysis, transforming raw video data into actionable intelligence.

Security and Encryption (Advantages)

Ensures the integrity and confidentiality of data within FastoEye. From end-to-end encryption of video feeds to secure user access controls, this component safeguards against unauthorized access and potential cyber threats.

For whom?






Smart Cities

Why FastoEye

Customized Turnkey Solution

Our solution is designed and implemented to match your specific needs.


Ensures data privacy, less cloud reliance, and internet independence.

Single Code Owner

We maintain the entire codebase, eliminating the need for external elements or third-party involvement.

Custom Detection Models

Our neural network is trained specifically for each client's unique needs.

Cross-platform Real-time Players

Available for a range of platforms, including smart TVs, mobile and the web, ensuring ultra low latency.

API Integration

Clear documentation for smooth integration with other systems.


The system can be expanded using multiple servers for greater capacity, cloud-ready if required.

User-Friendly Interface & Management Panel

Crafted for easy monitoring, real-time analytics viewing and integrating payment systems.


Dedicated support for all user scenarios, covering assistance, bug fixes, software updates and server setup.

Let’s Talk FastoEye

Learn more about FastoEye or explore its potential for your needs with our experts